Growing forward


We help First Generation Professionals discover their unlimited potential, develop their talent capabilities and achieve more than they ever thought possible.


At Growing Forward, we specialize in working with first generation professionals. Haven’t heard this term before? It refers to those who are the first in their family to be employed in a professional workplace.  

We firmly believe that first generation professionals are a critical source of untapped high-potential talent. For many first generation professionals, it is often the case that they lack access to the inside knowledge and guidance that allow others to succeed and be perceived as high-potential or leaders in organizations. We have solutions that will close that gap and better position these high-potential individuals to fully contribute, innovate and deliver results in a dynamic business environment.


Bernice Maldonado, Founder

The idea for Growing Forward came from my experience of growing up with a parent who had zero education, illiterate, didn’t speak English and the challenges and opportunities that came with navigating higher education and corporate environments with little guidance. My background could’ve been a disadvantage, but ended up being my greatest competitive advantage.

My mission now is to provide insight, share information, give honest feedback, and create a community where experiences are shared and success is celebrated.

We aim to help First Generation Professionals, people of color, and women navigate the corporate workplace so they can achieve more than they imagined.

Overcoming socio-economic barriers and achieving educational or professional success is in itself overwhelming evidence of potential.
— Bernice Maldonado, Founder of Growing Forward

We are seeking research participants, both FGP and non-FGP, to participate in our study. If your organization or university is interested in participating or in receiving updates on the research, please contact us:


Our Programs

We specialize in providing talent strategies and programs for women, people of color, and first generation professionals. These individuals offer immense value that is often untapped. We can help you unlock that potential in the following ways.


Are you the first in your family to embark on a professional career? You’re what we call a “first generation professional,” and you are valuable. I work with women and people of color, both one-on-one and in a group setting, to help you reach the next level in your career. With my deep understanding of diverse professionals, i will provide honest and straightforward advice, real world content with actionable steps to engage, motivate and better position you to contribute more effectively, increase confidence and advance your professional career.


We develop solutions that will better position your high potential diverse talent to contribute, innovate and deliver results in a dynamic business environment. Our consulting services can take many forms and can include a consulting engagement, coaching or an executive presentation. Regardless of the format, the sessions are tailored, confidential and designed to drive critical business insight, address any gaps in current approaches, identify options for execution and enable measureable results and performance improvement.



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