Our Team


Bernice Maldonado

Founder and Lead Researcher


Bernice is a strategy specialist who works with forward-thinking companies to learn how to unlock the talent potential of people of color, women, and those who are the first in their family to begin a professional career. As a member of those three groups herself, she attributes her passion and expertise for working with diverse talent to her own life experiences overcoming barriers and successfully stepping into high-visibility leadership roles in multiple corporations. She merges this with her deep cultural intelligence to help drive diverse workforce initiatives forward.

Martha Burwell

Co-Researcher and Consultant

Martha Burwell Photo.jpg

Martha is a social scientist who specializes in diversity and inclusion mixed-methods research. She holds a MSc in intersectional gender studies from a top university in Europe, and has designed and led diversity research projects in technology, startup, nonprofit, action sports, and events industries. She also holds a business operations background, and helps organizations “translate” their good intentions into reality through the application of diversity and inclusion techniques into day-to-day operations.